Toothpaste characteristics

Toothpaste is one of the basic tools to great oral health! You won’t find a dentist who doesn’t recommend toothpaste! Did you know the technical name is dentifrice? It is a paste or power or gel that helps remove plaque from teeth and build tooth enamel. What exactly goes in toothpaste? We’re going to tell you a few of the common ingredients today.

1. Flouride – This is the main active ingredient in toothpaste because it has been found in many trials to prevent tooth decay. It both affects the bacteria that can harm your teeth and makes the teeth more resistant to the acids that attack them.

2. Mild Abrasives- This is the ingredient that aids in removing leftover food, stains and plaque that is forming on teeth. The point of this ingredient is to make them abrasive enough to clean but not too much or it can actually damage the tooth enamel or other parts of the tooth that make up the surface.

3. Binders – This is what is used to give the mix a paste or gel-like form. It also provides a lot of the texture.

4. Flavor and color – Usually natural sweeteners(non sugar) are the most common. Along with specific ingredients for the certain tastes.

5. Antibacterial – These are added to reduce plaque growth.

6. Detergents- Creates the foaming to help get across the surface area of all your teeth.

7. Preservatives- Helps the toothpaste last longer by preventing bad stuff from growing in it!

8. Humectants- Stops the toothpaste from drying out when exposed to air.

If you have any questions about specific ingredients when looking at your toothpaste container, please don’t hesitate to call your dentist. They will have answers to all your concerns. Especially if it is allergy-related. Please refer to a professional opinion over just searching on the internet.

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