Tips to avoid staining teeth!

Everyone wants those pearly whites! How do you keep them once you get them? It’s quite easy!

1. Drink with a straw.

This one is super easy to do and can go a long way in preventing stained teeth. By drinking from a straw, you can prevent a lot of contact from drinks ever touching the surface of teeth.

2. Be careful about eating notorious teeth-staining foods

The dental community has found many culprits that like to leave their marks on shiny teeth. Tea, wine, soda and coffee all have been noted to stain teeth. Many berries, especially blueberries, are known to very quickly start staining. It’s important to brush or at least wipe your teeth somehow within 20-30 minutes of eating them.  Some sauces, such as soy sauce or tomato sauce can be dangerous to your teeth’s color!

3. Other bad habits that can also take a tole on your teeth

Some of this kind of goes of pieces mentioned in tip #2. Tobacco and caffeine related products are good to avoid if you want to keep your teeth in tip-top shape. Smoking cigarettes, chewing tobacco and drinking coffee are all habits that can affect your teeth extremely negatively and have other bad health effects on top of that.

4. Brush mid-day

If you can, try to get a brush in sometime after lunch. Otherwise if you’re waiting until after dinner or before bed, that’s a long time gone without your mouth being cleaned. We know it can be difficult with work or school but small travel-sized dental materials are available and you can just leave it in your backpack or car. If you can’t manage that, perhaps carry a small bottle of mouthwash.

There’s all the tips we have for now! If you don’t manage to avoid stains, you can try teeth whitening! Be careful about overdoing it though, it can cause your teeth to become very sensitive. If you’re in need of dental supplies, check out