The Importance of Flossing


A Brief Introduction
I’m sure many of you have heard your dentist encouraging you to floss but never really took your dentist seriously. Many people would just shrug off that word of advice and go on just brushing their teeth every morning and every night. While brushing your teeth is very beneficial, many people don’t realize the importance of flossing. So I encourage you to take a moment and reconstruct your opinion about flossing. Flossing can and should be an extremely beneficial component of your morning and nightly routine. It does not have to be time consuming. A good flossing only takes about a minute each morning and night. But this two-minute a day effort can provide dental benefits that can stretch throughout the rest of your life.

Tooth Health
Brushing your teeth is a great way to promote dental hygiene. But brushing alone won’t always help you avoid the dentist’s chair. Flossing can reach places that your toothbrush just can’t. Toothbrushes are only effective at removing the bacterial buildup on the outer layer of the teeth. Flossing is able to pick out and remove all of the remaining plaque and tartar buildup that forms in between your teeth. This plaque between teeth is the plaque that causes most cavities because it is able to lay dormant and destroy tooth enamel from inside the gaps of your teeth.

Gum Health
Flossing also benefits your gums as well. Plaque that hides along the gum line of your mouth can cause gingivitis if the plaque is not removed. The bacteria involved in causing gingivitis can be very painful when trying to eat or brush your teeth. The plaque buildup can even lead to deeper infections if not checked by a dentist. These infections can cause tooth loss and oral pain which will can cost a person a large amount of money in dental insurance.

Breath Health
The main cause of bad breath is bacteria that lays in between teeth. Flossing can reduce the amount of bacteria buildup and prevent bad breath. Mouthwashes and gum can mask the issue of bad breath but only for a short period of time. Unless flossing is implemented into a person’s routine, bad breath will continue to be a problem.

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