Soda Damages Teeth

Soda Cans

When a person thinks of dental health, they need to be extremely aware of the harsh side effects that soda can have on teeth. Drinking a large amount of soda can wreak havoc on a persons teeth. This soda damage could add up and will cost even casual soda drinkers very expensive dental bills. But first lets discuss what makes soda so destructive to a person’s teeth.

The Cause
Soda, in its very nature, is acidic. Anything that is acidic can be harmful to a person’s teeth. However, soda contains citric acid, which contains erosive properties that can damage a person’s dental record. Citric acid is so harsh that its effects have been linked to the same erosive properties of drain cleaner and battery acid. Many people believe that diet soda may provide a loophole to the damaging effects of soda. However, even though diet soda does not contain the calories and sugar that regular soda has, it still contains just as much citric acid as regular soda.

The Effect
Soda is particularly damaging to a person’s tooth enamel. Enamel is a thin outer layer of the tooth that can not be replaced once it is lost. Soda attacks this layer and can lead to increased number of cavities, yellowing of teeth, and hypersensitivity after the enamel has been warn away.

The most obvious way to stop the harsh effects of soda is to simply stop drinking it. Head for other substitutes such as milk, water, and 100% fruit juice (drink in moderation). If a person simply can not stop his/her craving, then drinking in moderation through a straw could help it bypass hitting the teeth and hopefully lessening the effect of the citric acid.

Financial Cost
Soda’s effect on teeth can leave a hefty hole in a person’s wallet. Without enamel, the teeth cannot protect themselves which will lead to more frequent dentist appointments and increases in regular cleaning. So if you would like to continue drinking soda, please do it in moderation, or you will end up spending a a lot of money in dental insurance.

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